Best adult apps and porn apps for android (NSFW)


There are now Android porn apps available for download on Google play store, which aims at giving you a better porn viewing experience, there are loads of them, but the top three would be selected in this article and would be explained why they made it to the top three. All the apps which would be listed below also have their website versions, but the Android apps have just been created to give viewers more pleasure.


1. YOUPORN – Free HD Video Porn App

YouPorn is known to be a porn website, but recently they got an upgrade and there is now a big reduction in the number of ads that pop up on video pages, and also a native YouPorn  android app has been introduced for those that do not always want to see that browser history. You can easily filter videos on this app by categories, different tags and loads of other ways. You can easily change the app icon also for a more discreet version, or you could set a pin lock on it. You can also switch between two different video views on the settings screen


2. PORNHUB– Free HD Video Porn App

Just like the top notch delivery that the website does, the android app also does not disappoint. It is even a little bit better, because with the app, you do not need to constantly delete your browsing history, and also the ads that popup have been reduced drastically. With the aid of simple filters, you would easily get what you are looking for, and you can also sort videos to your preference by using categories, keywords and duration. If you do not mind spending some money, you can pay for pornhub premium and this would give you a more preferable selection of higher quality videos.


3. XHAMSTER– Free HD Video Porn App

XHamster is a wonderful free option which comes with a very easy selection of filters which would help you sort through the 100,000+ porn videos available which you can stream on the app and if you wish to download and watch offline, that feature is also available on the app. You can also select some favorite videos, however with no data connection you would not be able to access those videos. The app is also mindful of security, there is password protection features and you can also change the app icon. There are also low quality videos which would help folks with slower internet connections