Feb 032014
13 Best Games of 2013

Another year is gone, and now is the time to reflect of what was good in 2013 before we start anticipating all the games we will play next year. 2013 was a big year for gamers, but we saw PlayStation 4 and XBOX One make their way to the public, and some of the best […]

Sep 042013
XBOX One Release Date 11.22.13

Microsoft announced the official release date for the XBOX One today. The date will be November 22nd, which is the same date that the 360 was launched. Check out the official video from Microsoft for the release date from the horse’s mouth, and more info about the XBOX One’s launch.  

Jul 052013
Starting Over

I started originalgamster.com about 3 years ago because I like video games. I like playing them, I like talking about them, and I like meeting other people who like playing and talking about them. Originalgamster.com was my outlet for sharing the my thoughts, opinions and general knowledge about the gaming industry. I quickly learned that […]

Jun 242013

Hello all, some of the Originalgamster database files were hanging out with the wrong crowd, and got corrupted. Instead of digging through, I figured I could start from scratch. A new generation means a new site, so thank’s for peing patiend with me through this transition.   Zach (aka guitarded77)