When Can You Expect to See the Next Gen Consoles?

The stiff competition between Microsoft and Sony when it comes to the production of generation hardware may trigger the introduction of the next generation console much earlier than what had been anticipated. It is rumored that by Christmas 2019, Sony’s PS5 is most likely to hit the market.

The move by Sony to have the next generation console soonest possible was prompted by the fact that their main competitor Microsoft was in its advanced stages to introduce the Xbox Two that has been given a code name Xbox Scarlett by 2020.

According to some of the major players, the move by Sony to have the PS5 introduced in the market is rushed as the PS4 is still a new entrant in the market and has a huge player base. The best decision would have been to get more income from the sale of the PS4 before thinking of the next generation console.


Jez Corden, who is an industry insider hinted that Microsoft was had already started making plans to have Xbox Scarlett in the market. It is likely that this move is what has prompted Sony to move faster in the production of the next generation PS5 way before Microsoft is able to introduce their next generation console in the market. This will be a blow to Microsoft as the Sony’s PS5 will have already won the heart of next generation console lovers.


The market for Sony’s PS4 is expected to slow down due to the approaching market saturation and for this reason; the company finds it necessary to come up with a next generation console. Though a definite communication about the actual date for the release of the next generation console has not been communicated, there are signs that this will be happening soon, a period between December 2019 and 2021. As it is, for now, the production of the PS5 is mere speculation that is yet to be confirmed.

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